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Making Edmonton the Aboriginal Business Capital of Canada

The Aboriginal business community has deep roots in Edmonton.

Aboriginal business has and will continue to play a significant role in defining Edmonton’s identity, from the city’s origins as a trading centre to its future as a regional and national hub for Aboriginal businesses and professionals.

Funded by the City of Edmonton, Aksis is a membership driven, not-for-profit organization created to serve as a central meeting point that inspires Edmonton’s Aboriginal business and professional community to connect, collaborate and create.

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Get Out There

Increase exposure and awareness of your business both online and at our networking events

Get Support

Access Aboriginal business development programs and services such as training, mentorship, and funding opportunities.

Be Connected

Connect regularly with other like-minded businesspeople to identify opportunities, share keys to success, and provide mutual support.

Come Together

Create a common voice of Aboriginal business in Edmonton that will advocate effectively and collaborate to eliminate barriers.

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Becoming part of our effort to increase the public profile of the growing Aboriginal entrepreneurial and professional community in Edmonton has its benefits.

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