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CFWE is a radio network based in Edmonton, Alberta. Owned by the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society, it broadcasts programming targeting northern Alberta's First Nations communities, including mainstream country music, and specialty shows featuring Indigenous music or presented in native languages such as Cree and Dene. Radio Bingo airs on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday nights, with proceeds being used to help support the AMMSA and its broadcasting activities. AMMSA CEO Bert Crowfoot stated that the program was popular enough that North Alberta residents often chose to not schedule meetings on Monday or Thursday evenings so they wouldn't miss it.

The network broadcasts from studios in Edmonton, alongside its originating station CFWE-FM-4. It operates a network of re-broadcasters to serve the province of Alberta and its First Nations reserves.

Owned by the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society, the station received approval from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission in 1987 to launch on 89.9 FM in Lac La Biche. Transmitters were later added at many other communities in northern Alberta.

CFWE-FM is a founding member of the Western Association of Aboriginal Broadcasters (WAAB). WAAB Members include Northern Native Broadcasting (BC), Northern Native Broadcasting (Yukon), Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation (Saskatchewan) and Native Communications Incorporated (Manitoba). WAAB members meet regularly to develop program ideas, share resources and work to promote Aboriginal broadcasting throughout western and northern Canada.

In 2008, AMMSA received approval from the CRTC to add new transmitters at Edmonton and Fort McMurray, with the Edmonton station becoming the de facto originating station of the network. The new transmitters, CHWE-FM-4 in Edmonton (physically located in the suburb of Spruce Grove) and CHWE-FM-5 in Fort McMurray, broadcast on 98.5 MHz and 94.5 MHz respectively.

On November 7, 2012, the AMMSA received approval to supersede CFWE-FM Lac La Biche and four low-power re-broadcasters serving nearby reserves with a new 19.6 kW signal on 90.5 MHz in Lac La Biche. In 2016, CHWE-FM-4's power was increased from 9.3 kW to 100 kW. In September 2017, the AMMSA received approval to add a 100,000 watt transmitter at 105.7 MHz in Grande Prairie, which superseded low-power transmitters serving the Horse Lake Reserve and Duncan's Band Reserve.

In June 2018, CFWE launched a new sister station in Calgary, CJWE-FM. It carries a similar format, but with a focus on southern Alberta Treaty 7 communities. In December 2018, the CRTC granted a request for CFWE-FM-2 to switch to CJWE, as its programming would be more relevant to the area.

In May 2019, the CRTC approved a new transmitter in Red Deer.

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